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Help India Breathe

About the Project

No country is unaffected by the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the past months, we have witnessed the devastating surge of the COVID-19 cases in India. The first wave struck us hard and the second wave was deadly enough to result in a total of 34 million cases and half a million deaths. The fight is still going on and people are still fighting. There remains substantial uncertainty about the path of the virus over the coming months, we need to be prepared to fight the potential third wave. The effect of the second wave is still evolving. For some families, the reality has come too close to their homes. Families have lost their loved ones, their sole earning member, and for some underprivileged people living in slums/streets, affording a single meal a day is a daily struggle. 

The pandemic has not only robbed millions of children of their education and safety but also of their childhood. Children of countries in every world region have faced the sudden loss of parents and caregivers from COVID-19-associated deaths. The data on deaths and illnesses have clearly focused attention on the tragic and disproportionate burden not just in adults but also in children. With the pandemic far from over, the vaccination of the global population is a delayed prospect. Half of the children in India have not yet taken their vaccination shots. We need to be prepared for the worst, and hope for the best. For the ones who lost their lives, the ones still fighting for basic amenities, this fundraiser campaign will fight for them. 

Now is the time to strengthen families – we must act now. Join this mission to support grieving families at risk of falling further into poverty.

How YOU can Help

You can be a part of the solution in distributing essential food items and dry ration kits and give hope for a full week to families struggling with hunger. It takes only INR 500 to give one family a week’s worth of basic food essentials. The ration kits will be distributed in stressed areas of West Bengal, Orissa, Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. Each weekly ration kit contains daal, rice, atta, masala, tea, etc. 

To communities that have little or no access to sanitation amenities, you can also help in donating one hygiene kit per family which includes essential products such as masks, sanitizers, soaps, cleaning liquids, toothbrushes, and toothpaste to the slum communities where we can also combat hygiene poverty. We are aiming to provide hygiene kits to 500 families to contain the spread of the virus and flatten the curve.

For the families who lost their sole earning member to the coronavirus pandemic, our recipient organizations who work with government hospitals will help us identify the families of the COVID deceased. Each bereaved family will receive one humanitarian cash support of INR 20,000 for their living expenses. 

Our Goal

Hygiene kits to 500 families
Humanitarian cash support per family who lost their sole earning member to the coronavirus pandemic

Select an Amount

Feed the hungry: Sending one family cooked food & ration kit -- INR 50


Financial assistance to one family of slum-living children (bills) -- INR 100


Help one poor family with one week’s ration -- INR 500


Medical programs in slums (Vaccination drives and doctor consultation) -- INR 700


Help children from underprivileged families access the internet for online education -- INR 1,000


Provide 2 meals a day for a week to one family-- INR 2,000


Provide digital tablets along with data packs (worth 250 each) -- INR 5,000


Help an underprivileged rural or urban family with monthly and inoculation expenses for 1 month -- INR 10,000


Help bereaved urban families with monthly expenses for 2 months and rural families for 3 months -- INR 25,000


Help orphan children living in poverty by supporting them with medical checkups, nutritious food, educational assistance, and health and hygiene training.-- INR 30,000


Partner Organizations

The Team behind the Project