Project Equality

When we talk about equality, we just think it’s an elimination of discrimination but it’s the power of strength, empowerment, and unity.

When we say equal, it does not mean identical nor it does not mean no differences,

It means those differences should not delineate different levels of benefits, opportunities, and cost in our society. We stand for equality regardless of race, gender, religion, sex, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability. All lives matter, it’s time for a change and we are working for the change.

Project Equality brings to you people from diverse backgrounds who are working to bring this change and create a ripple effect.

We are still fighting, we are still unpacking EQUALITY.


Society’s understanding on different issues are changing, redefining culture themes and challenging long-held beliefs. With our interns and volunteers, we are working on an initiative on how we can boldly bring the reality of different social stigmas’ happening in this world. We have members coming from diverse backgrounds who are willing to bring the challenges out of the microscope and break the brick of the stigmas. To educate, empower and create an inclusive future.

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