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Vasanthan is an educator, professor, researcher, entrepreneur, philanthropist, chef, and social activist among many others.

Born into a family of teachers in Madurai, a young Vasanthan’s view of the world was very narrow and limited.

As he grew up, he realized he was naturally drawn towards helping people and that there was an innate fulfillment in the act of making an impact in someone’s life.

However, his goals didn’t materialize until his early twenties when he decided to finally take the leap on something that he considers as the fulfillment of his prophecy.

He took advantage of the endless possibilities around him and turned them into impact ideas thus giving birth to Feminist Pen Foundation.

Love for Mother Earth and fellow humans has and will always be Vasanthan’s muse for his work. He strongly believes in the quote by Gandhji, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Feminist Pen Foundation was his fight against a seemingly never-ending regression of gender violence, hatred, racism, and other pressing and global humanitarian issues.

Contrary to the term “fight”, Vasanthan and Feminist Pen believe in reform through education and the organization’s core value is to educate and nurture the ideas of feminism as it relates to the larger concept of human equality opposed to the more common gynocentric understanding of the term.

Vasanthan’s strong belief is that everyone is unique and individual. No single person may have the same preference and are shaped by unique cultural factors, childhood, family situations and personal struggles. In that sense, Vasanthan in his own way developed a system to serve his true need and perform service for humanity. He always finds inner peace and fulfillment in changing people’s lives and he hopes to continue his service throughout his life on the planet.

Vasanthan has received over 5 national and international awards in 2021 from prestigious business associations and prominent media entities for his work at Feminist Pen. 

“The inequality and segregation that plagues mankind will only worsen if we do not step in and take action now” 


Notable Awards

Further, Vasanthan work has been featured in over 30 different regional as well as national media outlets and blogs through personal interviews, talk shows, podcasts and panel discussions.