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A Voice for

Human Equality

Feminist Pen Foundation is an award-winning international non-profit organization that aims to bring global gender equality advocacy to oppressed populations.Β 

COVID is estimated to push over 150M people to extreme poverty by the end of this year. Our latest project is fighting to reduce that number, click to learn more

About us ...

We are an award-winning international non-profit organization seeking to build a community that supports global human equality. Feminist Pen is a place for sharing stories, education, spreading information, and campaigning for change for the good. 

At Feminist Pen, we are on a mission to educate people on the issues that are obstacles to human equality including gender bias, racial discrimination, socio-economic structures and legal systems. Our mission is to empower people with information and action steps to make a change in their communities and, collectively, in our world.

We are a registered government-recognized non-profit organization registered as a section 8 NGO in India and 501 (c) (3) organization in the United States with operations in over 3 other countries.

If you want to take action to build a more equal future for all of humanity, join us on our mission, become a volunteer.


In 2020 alone, COVID pushed 75 million more people into poverty accounting for about 60% of global poverty increase. 

Project Help India Breathe is our latest project in our ongoing mission to fight homelessness and starvation in economically affected areas. 

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Project Equality is all about embracing diversity and supporting intersectional equality. Explore our project to learn about pressing global issues including a comprehensive review on the POCSO act through the lens of our writers and high court advocateΒ 

The Infinity Project focuses on amplifying LGBTQ+ voices through a series of interviews and discussion forms aimed to bring out stories of young voices who were raised in mixed backgrounds. The project also aims to teach the reader basics of healthy allyship and how we as a society can celebrate all colors of the pride.


This section takes the reader through a series of articles that introduce Feminism as a concept and build up to more advanced intersectional topics. Our Feminism section is suited for readers of all backgrounds, expertise and gender/non-gender.Β 

Our LGBTQ+ sections attempt to educate the reader on common misconceptions about the pride community and how to become a healthy ally to fellow members from the community. Real stories and interviews are presented in different formats to keep the reader engaged.

"Gender Inequality is not a women rights issue but a human rights issue"