Dr. Jyotsna AnandDr. Jyotsana Anand is a dentist by profession, avid reader, researcher, and writer by passion. Her interest lies in reading books on various topics that interest her. Her personal vision is to be a woman of positive influence. She feels fulfilled when she is able to help people in various ways as per […]

There are persistent factors that not only confluence but also reinforce each other to generate the myth of beauty. One of the major costs of discrimination on the basis of appearance is the exacerbation of economic and racial inequality. Appearance both reflects and reinforces class privilege. Prevailing beauty standards disadvantage individuals who lack the time […]

Nearly 80 years after the demise of the genre, the lesbian pulp fiction phenomenon that gripped the mid-20th century seems now both ridiculous and sad. The overbearing melodrama of the novels, rife with love, heartbreak and reconciliations, appear almost comical in retrospect. However, the thought of these women-centric novels being written for a largely male […]

Earlier this month, throngs of people emerged on the streets of France to raise their voice against the assisted reproduction for lesbian couples and single mothers. With strongly placed Catholic roots and a strong sense of homophobia cultivated across generations, the conservative activist group La Manif Pour Tous (Demonstration for All) took to the streets in protest. The group had initially emerged as a […]